Life Cubed Pods

Playtime is when children learn to problem solve and the playground is an increasingly important venue for the development of physical, social and intellectual development

Schools can magnify the impact of free play development by providing tools which facilitate creative, consequential, group play.

A Life Cubed Pod is such a solution.

Life Cubed Pod is a secure, sustainable hub for creative free parts play.

The pod provides a base station from which children can find the tools and resources they desire, to build, play and create their own special projects, with little input or constraint from adults.

It utilises repurposed materials for the hub.

The pod can be filled with loose parts, such as surplus commercial materials, clean tyres, dress up clothes, fabric, mesh, pipes, tubes, balls and rope, anything to inspire imaginative and creative play.

It may also be used as auxiliary general storage for playground equipment.

Adding an optional puppet performance space encourages all students to expand their horizons through public performance.

The relative anonymity of shadow/hand or marionette puppetry provides a safe medium for reserved students to express themselves without inhibition.

Incorporating environmental craft workshops and tutorials enhances the utilisation of the pod and can help to release students creativity, while giving teachers added support.

Our craft and reuse specialists can provide environmental education programs concentrating on re-use, waste reduction and alternative energy and sustainability.

We can arrange workshops for teacher training, and provide assistance in developing whole school projects and installations using recycled materials..

Organic, constructive, free-parts play has been demonstrated to lead to improved outcomes in the school environment.

Teachers and students have an improved playground experience when children are able to focus on creative play. Children can form diverse play groups, which are cohesive and inclusive when they are occupied with activities which they control.

Problem solving and creativity in play help develop emotional resilience and flexibility, skills which are invaluable in adulthood.