About Us

Our Mission

At Life Cubed we believe a strong society requires a strong, diverse foundation, built on a sense of community and self-reliance.

Life Cubed is committed to helping facilitate a more complete play and development experience for children. In conjunction with primary schools, and their communities, we have a vision of providing children with the building blocks to foster their imaginations, as well as the vast possibilities of sustainable living practices.

Who We Are

Life Cubed was founded in 2015 by Nick Mansell, from an interest in bettering the planet for future generations and his experiences of raising three very different children.

Growing up in suburban Sydney, Nick’s experience was a childhood full of responsibility, freedom, practical education and the occasional injury.

Learning to be self sufficient, he gained the skills required to make his own toys and entertainment. Being offered the responsibility to make the right (or wrong) decisions were expectations not privileges.

Raising a family in a suburban Sydney 30 years on was a very different picture. Societal norms had shifted dramatically. Children’s focus was more heavily biased toward academia and competition than to development of acuity with people and motor skills, and self sufficiency.

Risks are now minimised wherever possible. Freedoms are curtailed and personal responsibility is considered the poor relation of personal gain.

The diminution of important life lessons leading to a childhood dominated by technology, social media and impersonal communication and interaction can only serve to have more negative impact on our children and future leaders.

Nick made a decision to utilise the skills he gained from 25 years in manufacturing management to Life Cubed. He developed the play pods to create an environment where creativity, consequential actions, responsibility and freedom can be supported and encouraged within the school yard.

Inspiration came from several sources including the University of Otago’s trial at the Swanson School in Auckland NZ and the Scrapstore Playpod program in UK schools.

Our business is currently undergoing a regeneration to work together with schools, educators, parents and students to offer ever evolving solutions to work in a wide variety of environments. Tanya Mottl and Susanne Mitchell have recently joined the team and we all welcome your input and ideas.