Life3D low volume bike parts are a result of our passion for great functional design. Using a prototyping mentality, and real world product development we turn problems into solutions, and our goal is to develop a better experience for riders.

Using rapid prototyping, and CNC equipment allows us the freedom to perform iterative development of our products, while still providing functional and robust products. Only when we have exhausted the design process, and have customer feedback telling us that our product doesn't need to be improved, will we consider fixed tooling and expensive marketing/distribution. It costs us more to make stuff this way, but we can be sure you're getting the best product we can supply.

If you have a bike problem that needs addressing, fill out the contact form and see what we come up with. To order a part, please email us about the part you are after and your location. We'll email back a delivered price and paypal link!


Tiger 800XC front mudguard riser

The Tiger800XC front mudguard often comes under attack from mud and gravel caught in the treads of knobby tyres. There are risers out there that look the goods, but in practice actually magnify the damage caused when the trail turns to clay.

We looked at the problem, analysed the failures, considered the implications and developed the Tiger800XC low rise and Tiger800XC high rise.

For riders who seldom use full travel, but ride the snotty stuff, the High Rise, with 20 mm lift, could be the answer. Just remember that it is possible for the guard to hit the lower triple tree on full compression.

Ride a bit faster and like to get air, then the Low Rise is the unit for you. With a 15mm rise, this model keeps your guard safe from impacts with the lower triple.

Fitting takes about 5 minutes and we've tested these across Australia. From the coast to the outback the Tiger800XC riser takes the knocks.



CRF1000 front mudguard riser

Just finished a riser design for the Africa Twin.

Opens up the entry by 12 mm and keeps the increasing gap profile of the standard fit.

Delivered complete with fasteners in stainless steel and instructions. Takes about 10 minutes to fit with only a 4 mm and 5 mm Allen key required.

Email your location for pricing including delivery.

Switch housing

The Life3D switch housing takes a Jaycar waterproof rocker switch and mounts it in a slim housing that can fit between the left hand controls on many bikes.

Fits bar: 22.2 Diameter

Jaycar switch CAT.NO: SK0969

Width on bar: 18mm

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